Interview with Mahlako Hlax Mahapa from South Africa.

Category: Education

Interview with @Raisibe Mahlako Hlax Mahapa from South Africa is a part of the 2017 Mandela Washington Fellows. The Mandela Fellows are on a educational journey for a six-week Civic Leadership Institute at Kansas State University. Throughout the course of the Institute, the Staley School will facilitate opportunities for cultural exchange and leadership development to advance the work of each Fellow by growing their capacity to lead change upon return to their home countries. Doctoral Candidate in Sociology at Wits University, Project Director at Wise Communications/ Kasi Career Expo and Director at Sefala Strategic Solutions. Raisibe identifies as a social entrepreneur who is committed to creating and implementing research driven solutions to various socio-economic challenges faced especially by poor communities in South Africa. She strongly believes that education, an investment in unlocking the full potential of young minds and creating global networks that support young talent is the key to economic liberation for the black child.

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