A.L. Johnson Newest Member To Cascade Media Group Staff

Category: News
Johnson is coming on CMG as a Host/Producer. Kansas City native A.L. Johnson has spent the last 12 years educating underserved communities about the importance of life insurance and financial literacy. He uses his expertise in life insurance to open up broader conversations about generational wealth, historical setbacks, and community building. Mr. Johnson has received national recognition as a salesman and has trained several others on how to become successful in the insurance industry. According to his interview, Life insurance sales can become a challenging profession very quick, but it can also be very rewarding in terms of money and self stem. Insurers work focusing on helping families, businesses, employers and other parties protect against a financial loss when someone dies. In order to start, you can start getting certified and licensed to sell life insurance, this by completing program you can today find online. Requirements vary depending on your zone, but attaining licensure and certification usually only takes a few weeks or months at most. While this happens you can Compare quotes and plans on a $25,000 life insurance policy to decide which is better to sell. Inspire A.L. uses his knack for conversation and love for media to inspire others to chase their dreams and live a life worth living. He has appeared on numerous podcasts and radio shows, including his radio show, formerly entitled “Live in The Green Room with A.L. Johnson” 95.3fm in Kansas City. Build Mr. Johnson is currently working on a project called Elevating Men. The mission is to help rebuild men and help them accept their calling to be accountable leaders in their homes and the community. A.L. believes that as men’s mental health improves, they will naturally assume their much-needed role in steering the next generation of men towards better outcomes.

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