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“A LESSON IN DISEASE RACISM 101 AND HOW THE HISTORY OF THE UNITED STATES IS — USED TO PASS IT ON TO EVERY NEW GENERATION.” We open doors right to left. We read left to right. Have you ever thought about why we do it that way? (Other cultures often read right to left because of ancient beliefs in the Sun god.) You probably never think consciously about these automatic behaviors because that’s what you were taught as a child. Likewise, all you know about history is what you have read or been told.

For example, if what you learned in American history is that George Washington never told a lie (which is not a fact) that became your opinion around which you formed opinions and attitudes which subsequently directed your decisions and behavior. The teacher, of course, rewarded you with an “A” when you expressed a belief in the lie you had been taught. In the same way, this technique also uses American history today as the vehicle to teach racism-tinged theories of White supremacy mythology from the past years.

Pavlov is the father of this psychological conditioning and the “Manchurian Candidate” movie is the cultural icon for understanding the process of mass brainwashing.

How is Pavlovian psychology imposed on the American masses? The history of the United States is typically used today as a means of seamlessly passing the opinions and attitudes from the slavery and apartheid era of America’s past to the next generation. Therefore, each new generation of young people is indoctrinated into the American culture with opinions and attitudes that do not include the positive history and dedicated patriotic character of Black Americans. That’s why a corrected American history that includes the missing pages of Black Americans is the cure for the systematic perpetuation of racism in this country.

Dr. Samuel George Morton, is a sterling example of this conspiracy. He was a noted Philadelphia “race scientist” who c. 1854 convinced the nation through respected publications that his skull research proved that Blacks were mentally inferior to Whites. His theories appeared once again in William Shockley in the 1960s.
Legitimate history is a work in progress because history always catches up with you. That is why we are in need of a constant retreading of the past with objective scientific evidence. For example,www.TonyBrownsJournal.com offers a Black geneticist, Dr. Joseph Graves, who will refute Morton and other racist race scientists of the past when the site is launched in October. Dr. Graves is among the hundreds of missing Black pages of history that prove with scientific evidence that there is only one race – the human race.

Dr. Graves is also a living example of how dangerous it is to the careers of experts in genetics to discuss the human genetic composition that demonstrates an almost complete match of gene compatibility between Blacks and Whites. He was fired from his job shortly after appearing on my television series, Tony Brown’s Journal, and explaining the fact that all humans belong to one genetic race.

Go to www.TonyBrownsJournal.com and put your name on the list for free information and our online launch date and keep reading my posts for updates. See Part 2: WANTED: WHITES AGAINST RACISM (W. A. R.) WHO WANT TO FIGHT DISEASE RACISM WITH BLACK HISTORY AND EARN INCOME FOR HELPING OTHERS.

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