Always remember to honor our Ancestors.

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Always remember to honor our Ancestors.
They paved the way so we could have it better than they did.
25 years later the lost souls of the “Lost Township” are still lost.
Twenty-five years ago the Davis-Smith Family Cemetery in Jackson County, Missouri, was bulldozed. On August 3, 2013, at 10:00 a.m. a memorial service will be held at the site of the old cemetery. Descendants and friends will gather for a short ceremony. There is an interesting mixture of people buried there, i.e. – an American Revolutionary war veteran, 4-19 Confederate soldiers, and many early Jackson County pioneers. Also buried here are three young women who died in the jail collapse (which was at 1425 Grand Avenue in Kansas City where the Sprint Center is today). This is often given as one of the main reasons for Quantrill’s Raid on Lawrence. At least half of the people buried there were interred 150 years ago. This coincides with the tragedy of the American Civil War. The only parking available is on the site of the old cemetery. Be sure to bring your own chair and water. To reach the cemetery drive uphill out of Knob Town on the one-way 350 Hwy. and watch for the signs on the left side. Set your GPS for “12015 East MO 350 Hwy”. We are trying to make arrangements to have the only known remaining stone at the Memorial. It was for Sarah Ann Davis. We might have recently found a second tombstone. For more information call Jim at 816-322-3736.

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