Attention Grabbers

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By Ieisha Shelton
Music, T.V, and Books are considered attention grabbers. All these either talk about action, comedy, romance or even mysteries. The point is consumers are easily influenced by these attention grabbers and want to try to do things they are talking about. Most important Teens are listening and want be just like them. They don’t listen carefully to what is coming out of these rappers or singers mouth. Their job is to grab your attention and make you want to play their songs over again. It is your decisions to do what they say do. Watching the news more teens doing shootings because they feel killing is the way to go. It is the music they listen to, to make them that way. You can’t say music does not get you “hype” or get you in a certain mood.
Teens see a pretty Woman on T.V and want to look like them. These teens are around 14 and want to look like someone who is in their 20’s. Little do they know this can get them caught up in a web they will be struggling to get out of. Reading books help you think twice about the world. Some books may be boring and some may grab your attention. My message is that we need to be more alert and listen more carefully to our music. The music may be catchy, the women may be pretty but we need to stop and think.

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