Carlos Nelson President of Cascade Media Group (CMG) Commentary On The Black City Council Members

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Carlos Nelson President of Cascade Media Group (CMG) commentary is on the black city council members that voted no for the new city manager coming from New Jersey last Thursday Brian Platt signed a lucrative contract to become our city manager four Black council members voted against signing the contract because of some Discrimination allegations were leveled against Mr. Pratt and the black members from my understanding wanted to look into those allegations they wanted the to put off the vote for one week Catherine Sheilds was loan white Councilperson to vote against the hiring of Mr. Pratt as the city manager until a review these allegations could be made looked at. CMG expects them to explain themselves to our community and overall to the Kansas City community with Cascade Media Group being the only Black-Owned Digital Media Company in the Midwest that does what we do. I think we have a fiduciary responsibility to keep track of what going on in our community that can affect our way of life economically educationally socially etc. This is the wake up it’s time for accountability in the Black Community the black politicians the black businessman the black educators need to be accountable to our community The Black Community Not to the white community to The Black Community and as I always say in closing when you invest in your community you’re really just investing in yourself stay woke

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