Cascade Media Group (CMG) New Tribute Series Fourth Recipients Are Mr. and Mrs. Robert and Barbara Rashad

Category: Tribute Series

Cascade Media Group’s (CMG) new tribute series was designed to pay tribute to individuals in our community that has served our community in many different capacities. When you talk about a village one of the most important things in that village are its elders and I must say by having personal relationships with the Rashad’s they do not fall short of the mark when it comes to knowing who they are where they come from and what is expected of them as I don’t like using the term African-American I like using the term part of the diaspora the Rashad’s have shown by the example of what you can do with your life and how you can be of service to your community.REMBER The victory we call success goes to the best prepared & When you invest in your community you are really just investing in yourself.

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