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Catina is coming to CMG as a Host/Educator/Producer
Catina K. Taylor is a disrupter in the field of education who strives to restore the hopes and dreams of a generation by reshaping the educational landscape! She works with schools and districts to evolve from tradition and meet the needs of the 21st Century student and their families. She’s also open to the idea that students sometimes need an essay writing service reddit to help them complete their assignments on time. A veteran educator turned entrepreneur, Catina has coached new educators, piloted a new school model, and supported schools in the turnaround process. She recently cofounded Elements of Education KC, an organization that connects, inspires, honors, and supports black female education professionals.

Catina K. Taylor, the JD co-founder of Elements of Education KC, is an Edpreneur working to connect, inspire, support, and honor amazing African American women in education. Catina has lent her voice, gifts, skills, and talents to reshaping education as a teacher, speaker, workshop facilitator, consultant, community organizer, and volunteer. Trusted by her community and those within the education ecosystem, Catina is called upon to source talent for the profession, assist parents in advocating for the needs of their children, coach educators, and aid institutions as they evolve for the future. When she speaks, people listen, and change happens.
Lawyer. Educator. Advocate. Entrepreneur…These are some of the hats that Kansas City native Catina K. Taylor wears. Some may think that a Jack of all Trades cannot be a master of any; however, that is not the case with Catina. She moves seamlessly from one to the other, often intertwining them together for the most effective impact on clients, students, and the community. She often explains that the skills in each area uniquely prepared her to do today’s work.
Catina began her teaching career in July 2000 after receiving her law degree. Instead of entering the legal profession, she responded to the call to fill the teacher shortage that was occurring in Kansas City Public Schools.
Working in public and private schools for the last 18 years and parenting a charter high school student, Catina has developed a clear lens into education. She has been actively engaged with parents, teachers, and administrators in both suburban and urban educational landscapes. She is also a constant advocate and resource for parents, colleagues, educational institutions, and the Edpreneur community.
Ms. Taylor has a vast knowledge of the educational ecosystem. She has served in many different capacities within it, allowing her to build a network to aid in disrupting a challenging system. Specifically, Miss Taylor has served in the following capacities…
• Kansas City Public Schools Strategic Planning Team
• Show Me KC Schools Programming and Outreach Committee
• Urban Neighborhood Initiative Education Committee
• St. Paul’s Episcopal Day School Benefits Committee
• St. Paul’s Episcopal Day School Diversity Committee
• Founding Principal hiring team for the Kansas City Neighborhood Academy Charter School
• Founding Principal hiring team for the Citizens of the World Charter School
• Founding Principal hiring team for the Kansas City Girl’s Preparatory Academy
• Author of the MO State Education Agenda for the Human Dignity & Economic Justice Coalition
• iMatter Experience Student and Parent workshop facilitator
• Young Achievers Workshop Facilitator
• Presenter – MO Chapter National Multicultural Education Association
• Co-Founder of Elements of Education KC
Throughout her life, Catina has sought out opportunities to assist youth, families, communities, entrepreneurs, family, and friends in reaching their full potential and DREAMS. She has tutored, and facilitated Sunday School classes, organized Vacation Bible School, conducted youth leadership workshops, piloted summer programs, executed community fundraisers, served on advisory boards, volunteered for charities, spoke on various educational and small business panels, and many other activities.
Catina began work on developing a new school model in 2014. She completed The Lean Lab Fellowship in the summer of 2015. Catina was then accepted into the 4.0 Tiny Schools Fellowship, where she was able to build out and pilot her new school model. In the summer of 2017, Catina partnered with the New Schools Venture Fund Pilot Pathways program as 1 of 3 in the country to further develop innovative school models being designed to meet the needs of 21st-century learners.
In addition to being tied into the education ecosystem, Catina is also entrenched in the business startup community of Kansas City. She launched her legal, education, and business consulting business, DREAMS Consulting, in 2015.
Catina has several degrees, including a Bachelor of Arts in Political Science and a Paralegal Certificate from Avila University. She received her Juris Doctorate from the University of Kansas School of Law. Catina also has her Missouri Teacher Certificate in Secondary Social Studies. She has taught first grade for seven years, middle school for three years, and high school for five years.
Catina has one child, two handsome “grand dudes,” and a beautiful grand diva!

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