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By Alawnna Marie
Chores-Have you ever felt like you’ve had to do alot at home? When I say that I mean chores. Cooking,cleaning,doing laundry,taking out the trash,or just simply cleaning your room. Has it ever occurred to you that sometimes it feels like you do TOO many chores? And have you ever walked to to your mom or dad and said “I need a break”? I’m pretty sure you have,and what is there response: I work,cook,clean,take care of you,and pay the bills. So do you deserve a break,because I know I do? Does that sound about right? I thought so,but chores can be fun! You have to find a way to stay motivated. What I do is play music,or sing to make it go faster. Perhaps you could make it a game,or do what I do. I know doing chores stinks,but you gotta get’em done……..

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