CMG March Book Of The Month Is: The Evolution of Africans in North America

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by Archie J. Williams (Author) Perspectives: The Evolution of Africans in North America The Three Phases of Permanent Perpetual Slavery uses history from a quasi-clinical perspective. Although this book is not intended as a purely scientifically qualified approach it nevertheless uses elements by observing patterns of events shaping socio-environmental conditions impacting on a targeted group. Breaking the evolutional changes into phases should help to structure a view of the symptoms presented at this point in time. From that you can begin to diagnosis the pathology resulting from the long-term traumatic events. For that reason this book will observe the Peculiar closed system of slavery institutionalized in Colonial America and extending into the core foundation of the American Society as it is today. Hopefully this crude analysis using the three phases of perpetual slavery will bring some understanding of the present day functioning of the identified group, African Americans, and will assist with predicting what path for treatment would most impact the greatest healing.

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