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Arif Khatib Founder and President Emeritus Multi-Ethnic Sports Hall of Fame Author: In the Shadow of Obscurity
Film Producer: “In the Shadow of Obscurity: Toiling in a Reluctant Society” is of historical value in content not only for people of color but also for society. This book not only tells the stories of many of our great sports figures in history but also addresses their pain on the road to greatness. It is a must-read to understand why we must stay focused, and make this society understand that we must all commit to a just society and make things better for generations to come.
Arif Khatib, the Arkansas native, and resident of California’s Bay Area returned to the Natural State to discuss and sign copies of “In the Shadow of Obscurity: Toiling in a Reluctant Society” (ENH Publishing, $15), the book he co-wrote with Pete Elman describing the historic trials, tribulations, and struggles of lesser-known nonwhite athletes in an America that wasn’t ready to embrace them or their achievements. The book signing was on July 30 at Nourish Wellness in Little Rock.

Afterward the official Arkansas premiere screening of the documentary film, “Because They Believed: Minority Athletic Trailblazers Who Broke Through the Racial Divide,” took place at Arkansas Baptist College’s Old Main auditorium. Co-produced by Khatib, the film’s theme echoes that of the book. It features interviews with such figures as sprinters and 1968 Olympic Games protesters Dr. John Carlos and Dr. Tommie Smith; Tom Flores, the Super Bowl-winning NFL player, and coach; Dr. Herbert H. Carnegie, hockey player; Rosie Bonds, Olympic runner; Dr. Tae Yun Kim, a first female grandmaster in tae kwon do; Mal Whitfield, Tuskegee Airman and Olympic gold medalist in track and field; and Yoshihiro “Yosh” Uchida, head judo coach at San Jose State University.

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