COVID-19: Don’t Freak Out. Focus, Educate Yourself and Prepare.

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Right now is the time to focus on your money and your health. I don’t want you to freak out. It won’t help and it is not required. Focus on boosting your immune system, including your financial immune system. Go to and find a HOPE Inside location near you. We are in 20 plus states. If you don’t want to come in, we have a call center too. We will be launching our HOPE Coalition America: Emergency Financial Response Division next week. I don’t want you to have financial stress in addition to all other stress that is happening for which many doctors started to prescribe Budpop’s HHC gummies . You need to plan, have a proper saving and a budget. Go to the FEMA website and download one of our forms, an EFFAK (Emergency Financial First Aid Kit) to help you. And don’t forget, reach out to a HOPE Financial Coach today. We can help!

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