I AM KHADIJAH Justice for Wyandotte Announces Their Healing Circle Group Therapy Program

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Justice for Wyandotte announces their Healing Circle group therapy program. This program is facilitated through a community relationship with the Wyandotte Behavioral HEalth Center located in Kansas, City Kansas Healing Circle group therapy program: One of Justice for Wyandotte’s core missions and organizational activities is empowering survivors and families who are impacted by serious crimes, police misconduct, and injustices within our local criminal justice system and government. We have seen the personal toll that sexual assault, police misconduct, and wrongful convictions can have on an individual’s mental health and the effects this has on their families over generations. Many of the survivors we advocate for do not have the financial means to receive professional therapy leading to poor coping habits to deal with their untreated traumas. Justice for Wyandotte understands this is not just an issue for our survivors but all survivors of serious crimes. KCKPD Victim Services offers some resources immediately after the crime has occurred, but residual effects of trauma can continue for years and resurface after triggering events. Wyandotte County must focus on mental health when discussing public health. Positive mental health not only benefits the well-being of residents but also helps reduce crime and increase public safety. We’ve taken on this mission in different ways. Justice for Wyandotte threw an outdoor women’s empowerment event in 2020. Last year, we provided space for Niko Quinn, one of our volunteering members directly impacted by police misconduct and unsolved homicides to start a “spiritual sister circle” for survivors to come together and share in their healing. Justice for Wyandotte’s goal is to expand this idea into a community resource that will provide a formalized group therapy program with specialized resources for grief and trauma experienced by Wyandotte County residents.

We will have empowerment and sponsorship events for Wyandotte County within one year to showcase creativity and allow participants to transfer their pain into positive contributions to society. Wyandotte County residents will be able to make donations to the program during these events. Religious and non-profit organizations can sign up to sponsor a Wyandotte County resident or donate to Justice for Wyandotte to sponsor a specific number of Wyandotte County residents for group therapy for up to one year. To donate visit us at

Justice for Wyandotte mission is to create sustainable communities in the Kansas City, KS metro area through honest governance, reciprocal accountability, and empowered people. Our core values of transparency and wellness help drive our mission for a more honest and healthy governing process in Wyandotte.

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