Interview with Allen Gray Partner at Zhou Brothers Art Center Part 1

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Who is tasked with the implementation of Block Voting and Group Economics within the Black community?
Cascade Media Group’s initiative to promote block voting and group economics within the Black community, and to connect people through digital media, could have a profound impact. It’s a commendable effort to empower the community and foster constructive conversations about important issues
I urge you to disseminate this information on your social media platforms if you believe these matters are crucial and will aid us in progressing towards securing a seat at the table as a community. These issues pertain to our community’s representation in the realms of economics and politics, the two domains that govern our community and determine the laws and policies affecting people of color.
We are aware of the problem and invite you to take part in the solution. It is often said that one cannot solve a problem without first being able to describe it and engage in robust discussions with those affected by it. There was a time when we could do this and maintain a collective mindset, especially during the era of enforced segregation. Whether through newspapers, television, or radio, we all resided in the same neighborhoods and thus interacted with each other. Whenever we sought to implement any strategy or tactic to enhance our education system, economic system, or political system, this was communicated to the people in the community.
However, post-desegregation, our lawyers, doctors, and influencers, who had been placed in better positions through education, gradually moved out of their neighborhoods. Now, to stay connected in 2024, we must consider what we can connect with. The only viable means of instant connection is through a black-owned digital media company like Cascade Media Group, where you can receive and provide information on a minute-to-minute basis.
Please. Make your comments and get involved in your community. You do have a voice. Please voice it in the comment section.

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