Interview with Rosalyn Rodgers Moore Author of “More Than A Doctor” The Extraordinary Life of Samuel Ulysses Rodgers

Category: Health & Wellness, You Are History

Ever wonder who the successful person is behind the big headlines and accolades?
Dr. Samuel U. Rodgers often quoted Henry David Thoreau’s statement that most men “lead lives of quiet desperation”. My father courageously chose another path.
More Than a Doctor: The Extraordinary Life of Samuel Ulysses Rodgers demonstrates, through family stories of triumph over adversity, that core family values are the cornerstone of character essential to integrity-filled leadership. It explores questions such as:
What experiences produce perseverance and a selfless life of dedication?
What does true success in leadership look like?
Who ultimately succeeds in transforming hearts, lives, communities, and institutions?
A trip back home to celebrate the 50th Anniversary of the Samuel U. Rodgers Health Center sparked a quest in author and daughter Rosalyn Rodgers Moore for others to know that he was more than his achievements.

She realized that understanding her father’s early beginnings was key to understanding the longevity of his vision – a vision that went well beyond the results that garnered the many professional accolades bestowed upon him. More than a Doctor is a telling story of the choices, places, and people that created a reform-minded doctor, great father, and imperfect, yet exceptional, human being.

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