Interview With Jackson County Sheriff’s department Sergeant Doug Blodget

Category: Carlos Nelson Sr. Discussing Issues

Interview With Jackson County Sheriff’s Department Sergeant Doug Blodget talked about how C 19 has affected the sheriff’s department and Jackson County in general, and the people in his department we talked about the challenges that the sheriff’s department law-enforcement in general as it relates to the new narratives and the direction that most Law-enforcement/organization/companies are rethinking, in general, how they can better serve the community. We discussed the pressures that each officer is under, and we talked about a few bad apples can make the whole organization look bad but that’s why we’re having these shows because communication is critical and when we are communicating with law-enforcement from a community level and they’re communicating with our community it works. I feel comfortable personally with the direction that the Jackson County Sheriff‘s Department is going under the leadership of Darrell Fort’e and offices like Sargeant Doug

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