Nicolette Paige (Soul Child) Newest Member To Cascade Media Group Staff

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Nicolette is coming on CMG as a Host/Producer
Larada Didan Imoleina Aye Balewa
My name is Larada Didan Imoleina Aye Balewa (Larada), also known as Nicolette Paige, and I am the owner & founder of Soul Child Awakenings. Soul Child Awakenings is a holistic healing business for the body & soul. I offer various services and products, including tarot readings, spiritual advisory, spellwork, aromatherapy candles, and metaphysical tools.

I began discovering my spiritual gifts at 8, and by 5th grade, I had begun practicing some basic energy work and spellwork. During my high school years, I began studying and practicing Brujeria and using tarot cards. Throughout high school, I also heavily studied and was influenced by the Rastafari religious & political movement. After high school, I started my journey into Buddhism, Hinduism, and Vodou and eventually became an initiated Omo Orisa in the Ifa religion.

I am widely known as a local healer and community leader in my hometown of Kansas City. Humbly accept these titles, and through Soul Child Awakenings, I strive to uplift my community and those I am connected with by utilizing my spiritual knowledge to educate people on self-awareness, healing, health & wellness, self-empowerment, and maintaining balance spiritually, emotionally, mentally, and physically.

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