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12% of the population of KC is Black and Brown but 38.5%of Mayor and
City Council are Black and Brown. Add in the lone Hispanic and it goes up to 46%. 6 of 13.
As you can see the Black and Brown population of Kansas City government has
become concentrated percentage wise by Black and Brown individuals. During
this time the murder rate for B & B people has skyrocketed. Why isn’t the B & B
elected leaders doing something to curb this violence?

This was taken from an article from August 2023:
If you look at the number of homicide victims in Kansas City, and the race of the
suspects, Black males in this city account for the majority of these deaths. In most
cases, guns were used, according to police data. There is no sugarcoating that
fact. Of the 131 homicide victims to date, 98 of them were Black men and
women, according to Kansas City police data. Of cases with a known perpetrator,
a Black male was suspected in 59% of homicides cases. Black men ages 18 to 24
commit 23% of Kansas City homicides. What are we doing to protect or encourage
this group?
I’d imagine that 2024 will have similar results.
My question to you is with City government controlled by a black mayor and 46%
black and brown city council what are they doing to solve this problem?
What should they be doing?

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