Sheriff Darrell Forte’: DOJ Investigation Into Corruption/White Supremacy In the K. C. Police Department

Category: Community Organizations, News

Interview with former Kansas City police chief now serving as Jackson County sheriff Darrell Forte’ we are discussing the DOJ investigation into police corruption/white supremacy in the Kansas City Police Department, and how that affects not just the Kansas City community of people of color it’s a thread that goes through every segment of our community from banking to redlining and these are real obstacles that hindered the forward progress across the board for people of color we must be mindful of who we elect to represent our community because we put our collective future in their hands we here at cascade Media Group would like to thank Jackson County Sheriff Daryl Forte’ for being so candid in this interview hopefully this is the wake-up You and see the entire interview Don’t forget to SIGN UP FOR CASCADE MEDIA GROUP NEWSLETTER THIS IS THE WAKE-UP

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