The Importance of Custom Picture Framing

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The Importance of Custom Picture Framing

By Ronald L. Chaney, owner/director of EthnicArtGallery



Art is to be enjoyed. Ideas are expressed through it. Passionate feelings and tremendous passion can be generated by it. As much as art in and of itself can be enjoyed, there is much to be said on its presentation and preservation. Custom picture framing is essential to art and artifacts. Without it works are often damaged irreparable and irreplaceable. I take much pleasure in picture framing. It is the fact that with simple raw materials like wood, paper and glass, one can embellish paper born art for pure esthetic reasons as well as preserve historic documents and artifacts for eons. It is a process not to be taken lightly. Framing can enhance art. It can prevent insects, air born particulates and ultraviolet light (sun light) from ravaging the particular arts substance. Most important though, it is an assured way of protecting and leaving an invaluable legacy for generations to come. It is through this particular skill that families down from the past and far into the future can with the same senses be awed by their historical meanings of their own familial legacies. These ideals are what families are built on. We need this process. Procure it, then through this unique skill, preserve it.

All too often, our community has lost, given away, or outright destroyed historic legacies because we at the time did not fully appreciate what we had in our possession; an old and forgotten photograph of a great ancestor, a document releasing a family patriarch from bondage or even the first artistic rendering of an endeared offspring. These things we must preserve. If we do not they will be lost for eternity or someone else will at some point appreciate what we have not, sadly, at our expense.

Art is an important reflection of a community to itself and to others. Without the preservation of that reflection it will be lost in time. Custom framing is a necessary part in this reflection. EthnicArt Gallery’s over 20 years of experience in this profession is committed to preserving art and most important our legacy.

Ronald Chaney is the Director/Owner of EthnicArt Gallery, located at 5930 Troost Avenue, Kansas City, Missouri and will continue to provide commentary on the arts in the Greater Kansas City area on this website. He can be reached at 816-361-7700 or [email protected].



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