Working at K-Roo Student Radio

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By Ieisha Shelton
When I first joined the Radio Station for UMKC, I did not know what to expect. Within 2 weeks I learned a lot about being a Radio DJ. It’s a lot of work but if it is what you want to do in life, you would think it is fun and like a hobby. Although I am not getting credit for being on the radio for College, I now have a lot of experience with the radio. Almost every week I started coming up with ideas to make for my show on the radio. Music was one of them, the fact that I produce music I started to play them while talking on air. While interviewing different people, they would hear it and wanted to know who made it. This built connections with artist, and producers also.
How I met Cascade Media Group was from my first interview with a local artist on the Radio Station. After that interview, I started doing more interviews from local artist with Cascade Media. Joining both of the programs help me build my communication skills. I am also learning how to maintain four things I am involved in all at once. In conclusion, not a lot of Women deal with radio broadcasting unless they are just talking just to be heard. Not a lot of Women produce music either, they think only men do things like that. My message is be who you want to be, you will be judged either way. If you work hard at what you do, you will earn credit and respect for it.

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